Frontier Plunder Native American Trading Post

Hunting For Plunder



Home - Frontier Plunder Native American Trading PostFrontier Plunder Native American Trading Post is nestled at the entrance to Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah where the Virgin River cuts deeply into the red and tan colored Navajo Sandstone. Here, Harriet Killshorse and her partners in trade have displayed their treasures of antiques and collectibles for over 20 years, picking relentlessly from all parts of the country.

As soon as you drive onto the premises, much of the West’s history can be seen in collections of Indian, Mountain-Man Fur Trade, Cowboy, and early Californio – Mexican finds. With many one of a kind pieces, rambling through this trading post brings hard to find treasures to you: old pawn Indian jewelry, traditional silverwork from the reservations today; native beadwork; baskets; Indian, frontier and tribal textiles; vintage books, cowboy and buckaroo gear; tradebeads and always the unexpected. Best of all, the traders on hand are able to give you the history behind many of the pieces.

So if you are looking to do some shopping in Zion Canyon, Frontier Plunder is a must for all you antique collectors and vintage enthusiasts.