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Hopi Polyestewa Hummingbird Kachina Doll Blog

This Is A Large Hopi Polyestewa Hummingbird Kachina Doll Blog By Famed Carver, Polyestewa. It is all painted in natural pigments over a coat of gritty white kaolin clay in a most traditional manner. At his ears are earrings of wrapped corn husk. A marvelous hummingbird figure sits atop his head embellished with yellow, red, and green parrot feathers. His hummingbird beak is wrapped in white wool at its base. He wears a tiny white bead and turquoise nugget jaclaa necklace. A very ornate and well painted fringed sash is tied at his side over a beautiful dance kilt.

From the back of his sash hangs a carved, painted fox skin. He wears the traditional painted ceremonial moccasins. The wooden carving is 12? tall with the feathers rising 2? additionally. He is 6 3/8? across from ear to ear and 6? deep. The bottom of his feet are clearly marked Hummingbird By Polyestewa. This particular doll was a trade with the well known carver in the 1980s for a buckskin ceremonial dress for his granddaughter. The doll is in beautiful condition and has the sweet expression that Polyestewa is famed for. He once explained to me that he intentionally carves his Kachina dolls so as not to be frightening to young children for whom they are traditionally intended.