Pirates, pickers, authorities in their fields:
Crew who help make these treasures and their histories available to us…

Wearing Her Trader’s Hat…

1073027southwestern trader Harriet Callahan Killshorse opened the current shop 20 years ago following 19 years in small third world countries writing and collecting utilitarian art. Returning home, time followed buying and selling at antique shows, Fur Trade Rendezvous, and Indian Pow-wows.
An earlier love of American Indian culture and art found Harriet at Indian pow-wows as a northern traditional dancer or at mountain-man rendezvous across the West as a trader.
Settling at the Zion National Park entrance town of Springdale, Utah, the current shop was born.

2419403Marriage to husband John Callahan, a Kiowa Indian from Oklahoma, brings a unique perspective to the western art. John, a career Indian housing and construction management director, has worked with tribes across the U.S.
At pow-wows he participates in his culture as a Gourd Dancer and a Traditional Southern Straight dancer.
Building their dream home/ shop one room at a time, the compound houses 2 courtyards, a master bedroom holding a 20 high hand-tanned buckskin tipi, a tiny room reminiscent of a multi-storied Pueblo, a Mexican folk art-infused kitchen, and rambling store rooms.

Mr. D…

sometimes grumpy yet always charming, is our 21 year old Siamese shop cat. She (yes I know her name is Mr. D) likes to pet travelers missing their cats at home.


is our new purr-fectly friendly feral, a cat we saved from a rattlesnake bite. He’s now twice the size of his brothers and loves shopping in Frontier Plunder.



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