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Native American Textiles
Native American textiles are some of the most collectible treasures of the Southwest for their use and great beauty.

They consist of rugs, sashes and blankets woven of wool. Much of the wool used today in making the textiles is from sheep raised by the Navajo. In prehistoric times, textiles such as belts and leggings were woven of human hair. Of all the Native American textiles, Navajo rugs are perhaps the best known. Weaving is a traditional woman’s art among the Navajo.

Pueblo Indians are neighbors to the Navajo. It is very likely that they taught the Navajo to weave when they moved into the Four Corners area before the Spaniards arrived.

The weavers are the men in the Hopi tradition. Most of the clothing of the early Southwest Indians were either cotton or woolen manta dresses or animal skins. These beautiful textiles are still used today. Many prized pieces are worn in wedding ceremonies and burial.

1940s Large JB Moore Navajo Crystal Rug Blog

1940s Large JB Moore Navajo Crystal Rug Blog

This Is A 1940s Large JB Moore Navajo Crystal Rug Blog. This Wonderful Handspun Native Wool Rug Has It All. It has wonderful spirit lines on two sides of the edge, lots of lazy lines and three colors of natural wool. These are mixed with the beloved red analine dye that has worn down into varying shades. This rug has been well cared for. There is very little bleeding except at the long hand spun beige tassels. nThere is minor bleeding in one spot to the beige background. The rug is very symmetrical and clean.

One side has slight fading though both sides are quite good. There are no holes but there are a few native warp repairs. Part of the long side cord has been repaired in the past as can be seen in accompanying images The design shows trader J.B. Moore’s influence from Crystal Trading Post. This is in New Mexico’s Chuska Mountains on designs with Navajo weavers. The rug is 6’3″ x 4’2″