LINKS– Check us out on Facebook. – This site offers a vast array of information about Native languages of the Americas as well as preserving and promoting American Indian languages. It is also a great source to reference many of the categories of Native American Indian pieces here at Frontier Plunder. – In her excerpts, Dana Gluck expresses a profound appreciation for Native American culture and art gained through her extensive travels throughout the Southwest. She offers a refreshing insight into anything antique, vintage and just plain collectible. – If you ever come out to Zion, you have to visit Judith and get some of her home-made soap and lip balm. She’s been out here since 1997 and in her own words, “I feel so honored and blessed to be able to live in one of the cleanest, most beautiful places on the planet. Making soap each day, looking out the window at the beautiful Navajo sandstone cliffs in Zion Canyon I am overjoyed to be able to live and work in this magical place.” – Alan Goldstein is inspired by nature and its underlying processes where he finds meaning and connectedness to the world through observation and contemplation on the cycles of life: growth and deterioration; fusion and dissolution; nature at its most ungraspable. He embraces the concepts of asymmetry randomness and chance as aspects of nature’s creative procedures. His work plumbs for the origin of things, seeking the nature of nature. My search is for the microcosm not grand vistas or perfect picture settings. – For over 25 years Tumbleweed and Teri at Crow Beaver Traders have been dedicated to preserving the art and the beauty of Native Americans and the frontiersman of a culture long past. At CBT they strive to reproduce the artifacts and accoutrements of those brave and creative people, the frontiersmen, Indians and Mountain Men from the mid 1700?s to the 1840?s with affordable reproductions. In their own way, they are preserving the heritage of those brave and courageous early Americans. – They are the leading on-line collectible bead discussion forum used by collectors and researchers all over the world. Click Here Too:) – Ancient Artways Studio specializes in the preservation of ethnographic art objects, with a special emphasis on historic American Indian art. Serving the needs of the private collector as well as larger institutional collections and museums, we offer a full range of conservation services including treatments, condition assessments, collections care consulting, lighting and exhibit design, and a full range of conservation analytical services. – We specialize in fine art landscape photography of the desert and mountain west. The Steffan Gallery is located in Springdale, Utah, just outside of Zion National Park, in the heart of Utah’s “red rock” country. Photographer, Gerard Steffan, has spent the last 16 years exploring the Colorado Plateau capturing unique moments of light, atmosphere, and composition. – Make Everyday Feel Like the Weekend: Charming Oil Paintings of Landscapes, Boats, Cabins, Objects and Pets. – Estate liquidation and downsizing sales: We come to your home to help determine the best way to conduct your sale. Keep in mind?anything and everything sells at estate sales. Always remember, ?One man?s trash is another man?s treasure?. Please don?t give or throw anything away before the consultation. We have found autographed Babe Ruth memorabilia and other valuables in the discard pile. – Donal Jolley paints in watercolor, acrylic and oil. He graduated from Brigham Young University and worked as an illustrator for the Aerospace Corporation before leaving to paint full time in 1971. Born in Zion National Park, Utah, lived in Boulder City and Carson City, Nevada before moving to California in 1960.