Navajo Tommy Singer Rainbow Gods Squash Blossom

This Navajo Tommy Singer Rainbow Gods Squash Blossom is absolutely stunning! Its Rainbow Gods are done in silver and elaborated with large turquoise stones and turquoise and coral chip inlay.

Not enough can be said about this Navajo Tommy Singer Rainbow Gods Squash Blossom. It’s stamped on all nine of the rainbow components with the earliest signature of deceased, beloved Navajo silversmith, Tommy Singer. His pieces are highly collectible today as he is considered the Picasso of contemporary Navajo silversmithing. He passed away in a motorcycle accident on his way to a trading post in Utah in May of 2014.

Singer began to work silver early using the inlay technique. Singer’s skill is exhibited here. This piece is hand cut with a jeweler’s saw from heavy sheet silver. A sheet of overlay sterling gives depth to the figures. The rainbow figures are deeply stamped with hand made stamps, one of his techniques. All stones are set in a straight bezel and surrounded by liquid silver drops. The Rainbow Gods are descending to earth for a healing ceremony. They clutch a rattle in one hand and the lighting bolt upon which they travel to earth in the other.

Singer’s squash blossom’s Rainbow Gods all possess an elaborate prayer feather motif on the exterior of the necklace. It gives them more of the traditional squash blossom appearance. The large naja rainbow god carries a bow, rather than a rattle, in his right hand. Well crafted beads are all handmade sterling and show that the piece has been worn and cherished. It is strung with sterling findings on a heavy jewelry chain. Kingman Turquoise makes up the beautiful turquoise nuggets.

This necklace was purchased from the Albuquerque owner who bought it directly from Singer. Large bottom naja equals 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ wide. The side squash rainbows measure 3 3/4″ wide x 2? tall. The necklace hangs 17 1/2″ long.


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