Native American Baskets

These great Native American baskets were a major means of providing containers for the first Americans. They used them from as far back as prehistoric times to the present.

The weaving and skill level in some tribes reached a very high level of artistry. This shows both in the making of the basket and the designs, as well as the materials that were used. A few skilled basket makers still make their living weaving these beautiful vessels and containers. However, because of the conservative styles, many of the geometric and pictorial designs have not changed through the centuries. Tribes in the Southwest like the Navajo and Hopi are famous for their utility baskets. A great example of a usable Native American Baskets were made by tribes like the Apaches. They made baskets that could hold water in them by smearing pitch to the outside of the water jugs. In whatever terrain they were in, they used the available material to make them.

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