(bk-0006) 1915 – 1920 Paiute Beaded Basket



1915 – 1920 Paiute Beaded Basket

  • 1915 – 1920 Paiute Beaded Basket
  • This Is An Amazing Paiute Beaded Basket With The Beadwork Being Done Directly Onto An Old Basket.
  • Has A Tightly Fitting Lid.
  • Design Continuously Runs From The Top Of The Lid To The Bottom Of The Basket.
  • A very skilled bead worker covered the exterior with a lighting pattern.
  • Done in metallic gray and black lighting designs on translucent white background.
  • The small button-like handle on top of the lid carries over the design.
  • Diminishes the cover the entire bottom of the basket.
  • The inside rim of the basket and the rim of the lid that fits into it tightly, are intact.
  • There are no missing beads.
  • The perfect little sphere in perfect condition.
  • It measures 3 1/4″ in diameter x 3 1/4″ tall with the lid


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