(bk-0016) 1800s Pitched Paiute Water Jar


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1800s Pitched Paiute Water Jar

  • 1800s Pitched Paiute Water Jar
  • This Wonderfully Shaped Little Basket Was An Important Canteen In Arid Landscape
  • It has a feeling of being beloved and much used
  • It is finely twined weaving, unlike the Apache coiled baskets
  • About a third of the pitch remains but traces of it cover the entire basket making it water proof
  • At one time, it had two lugs woven into it but which it hung
  • The base of one lug remains and the second lug still has two hand-twisted cotton cordage loops
  • On the body and bottom of the basket, there are no stitches missing. This was very finely made
  • At the rim is a 1″ x 3/4″ missing segment as can be seen by the images
  • The pitch that remains is solidly adhering and not crumbling off
  • It is 5 1/4″ in diameter x 9″ tall


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