(bk-0023) 1960s Papago Pictorial Basket



1960s Papago Pictorial Basket

  • This Is A Great 1960s Papago Pictorial Basket.
  • Her Is A Nice Polychrome Tohono O’odham Basket Using Three Colors Of Natural Grass.
  • The basket is from a bigger collection dated to the 1960s.
  • It is the beloved man-in-the-maze pattern that is symbolic of this Nation.
  • It is from the San Xavier Mission shops in Arizona.
  • The stitches are of a medium width and there are no missing stitches in the basket.
  • Also, this basket is in new condition except a small amount of fading in the interior.
  • It is 10 3/4 inches in diameter by 2 inches tall.
  • Native American Baskets


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