(bk-0025) 1940s Hopi Coiled Basket



This Vegetal Dyed, Tightly Woven Coiled Hopi Basket Is From Second Mesa
– There is an old tag on it which reads “Second Mesa Hopi Coil, Made By: Alberta Selina
– It is unusual to have one of these older baskets attributed to the maker
– The rainbow and cloud design rims the tip with a large pathway or spirit opening
– The interior design is rimmed in 11 separate deer head figures
– The original colors are pristine and evident on the back of the basket while faded and visible on the front
– The colors are yellow, gray, and a chocolate brown on the white natural background of the weaving material
– The piece is in perfect condition, including the hanging loop
– It measures 12 3/4” in diameter
– Native American Baskets


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