(bk-0033) 1880s – 1900s Paiute Unpitched Basket



A 1880s – 1900s Paiute Unpitched Basket Of Twined Basketry

  • 1880s – 1900s Paiute Unpitched Basket
  • The stitches are intact, including those on the rim
  • There is no damage to this piece
  • When these baskets were not being used to store seeds, they were often coated with pine pitch.
  • They could then be used to carry and store water
  • There are lug handles of braintanned buckskin attached to the basket.
  • A long twisted cordage strap of two strands of yucca fiber is threaded through these lug loops -,
  • This is to make a carrying strap or tump line that can be braced across the forehead
  • Basket is 14″ tall x 7 1/2″ in diameter
  • The strap cordage is long and coiled up and I did not want to try to unwind it to measure its length
  • The basket is in perfect condition but because of its fragility, we do not extend our 3 day return policy on it
  • Native American Baskets


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