(bw-0008) 1800s Iroquois Translucent Beaded Bag



An 1800s Iroquois Translucent Beaded Bag Beaded On Both Sides.

  • 1800s Iroquois Translucent Beaded Bag
  • We Believe To Be Mohawk Because Of The Predominantly White Background
  • The sweet bag is made up of flower designs with leaf and stems also beaded in the white translucent size 10 glass beads
  • Around the rim of these flowers and on the buds of the flowers are three colors of basket beads used for detail work
  • There is a translucent white basket bead, an amber lined and pink lined basket bead used
  • Other bead colors are a teal and an opal purple
  • The double sided bag was lined and edged with dark purple blue silk that has worn away to show canvas beneath
  • There is no handle
  • Design is the same back and front
  • It is 6 1/4″ long x 6 1/4″ at its widest
  • Beads are secure and are not falling off
  • It does not appear to have any beads missing


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