(bw-0009) 1880s – 1890s Northern Plains Beaded Belt



1880s – 1890s Northern Plains Beaded Belt

  • 1880s – 1890s Northern Plains Beaded Belt
  • This Early Plains Belt Is Old Harness Leather That Is Completely Covered In Lazy Stitched Beadwork.
  • Geometric Designs Of Red And Green On A Sioux White Background.
  • Two of the design elements contain larger sized beads than the rest of the belt.
  • The beadwork is all old sinew sewn and we don’t believe any of it has been repaired.
  • It appears that the different sized beads were originally used as per availability to the beadworker.
  • A few of the smaller red white-hearts are actually very early cut beads.
  • It is an interesting example of making do with what was at hand.
  • There is some missing beadwork on both sides of the ends of the belt.
  • Also a few beads missing throughout the length of the piece.
  • This belt has not been repaired in any way.
  • It ties with a braintanned thong through holes on either end.
  • The belt is 39 1/4″ long x 1 7/8″ wide.
  • The sinew is not decaying and there are no beads falling off.
  • Native American Beadwork


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