(bw-0013) 1880s – 1890s Iroquois Bird & Flower Whimsey



1880s – 1890s Iroquois Bird & Flower Whimsey

  • 1880s – 1890s Iroquois Bird & Flower Whimsey
  • Late 1800s oil cloth and velvet pin cushion pillow
  • The larger pound beads are very early glass trade beads from Venice brought in by English, French and Dutch Traders
  • These Eastern sewing items were an adaptation from the beautiful beaded bags, leggings, and other clothing accessories used by the Indians themselves
  • Anglo Victorian women carried their sewing with them in those days.
  • Sewing items such as pin cushions, needle boxes, or sewing boxes covered in beads were an item that the native women could sell at such places as Niagara Falls and railroad stops
  • This piece is stuffed with what feels like cotton
  • Glass beads vary in color from translucent white, yellow, blue, mint green, and wine color
  • The original purple velvet still has a lot of knap, which is unusual as on a lot of these the velvet is worn away
  • Beadwork design of a bead on a flowering branch is punctuated with small glass basket beads
  • The edge of the pin cushion is all beaded around the border with bead fringes on all four sides
  • Condition is very good with no missing beads
  • Piece is 11″ wide x 9″ wide


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