(bw-0021) 1890s Iroquois Whimsey Sewing Box



1890s Iroquois Whimsey Sewing Box

  • 1890s Iroquois Whimsey Sewing Box
  • A Fun Iroquois Whimsey Sewing Box From The Late 1800s With The Word BOX Boldly Displayed In Beadwork On The Lid
  • Anglo Victorian women carried their sewing with them in those days.
  • Sewing items such as pin cushions, needle boxes, or sewing boxes covered in beads were early tourist items.
  • Native women could sell at such places as Niagara Falls and railroad stops
  • Box is constructed of very old cotton and oil cloth sewn over forms of stiff cardboard
  • 3-dimensional beadwork done in fairly large seed beads are indicative of the age on these pieces of beadwork made for sale
  • The lovely fringes are glass beads strung with beautiful old glass tubular basket beads of the period
  • The beadwork includes details of Victorian brass sequins
  • A beaded handle of basket beads allowed the piece to be hung on a wall
  • This piece is in good condition with two or three tiny worn spots in the old cloth backing but the beadwork is in good shape
  • The box itself measures 5 1/4″ tall x 7″ wide x 3 1/4″ deep
  • With handle and fringe, the box hangs 12″ long
  • Native American Beadwork


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