(bw-0024) Late 1800s – 1900 Old Sioux Beaded Pipebag



Late 1800s – 1900 Old Sioux Beaded Pipebag

  • Late 1800s – 1900 Old Sioux Beaded Pipebag
  • Geometric design lazy stitched large pipe bag with beadwork in fantastic condition
  • Beads are size 11s and 12s and the designs incorporate some of the early faceted metal French beads
  • Classic reservation period designs perfectly executed on braintanned buckskin bag
  • Pairs of tin-cone drops with green fringe adorn both sides of the bag and an additional porcupine quill wrapped dangle at the front top of the bag
  • Rawhide quilled slats at the bottom of the pipe bag are a newer restoration to the piece and the bottom fringe also appears to have been restored
  • Only one stitch is missing on the quillwork
  • The beadwork is in perfect condition
  • Beadwork is sinew sewn
  • Measures 41″ long x 8″ wide
  • This is a classic man’s pipebag
  • Native American Beadwork


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