(bw-0029) 1850s – 1880s Iroquois Perching Bird Whimsey



Large 1850s – 1880s Iroquois Perching Bird Whimsey With A Back Of Black Victorian Crepe, A Velvet Ruffle, And Off White Velvet Front.

  • 1850s – 1880s Iroquois Perching Bird Whimsey
  • The Beadwork In White Translucent Pound Beads Depicts A Bird Standing On A Branch
  • Velvet on the left side of the bird is very worn and has almost no knap left to it
  • Just under the upper limb is a small 1 1/4″ tear on this very old fabric
  • Beadwork colors on the frame around the bird are translucent white, green, amber, wine, and an opalescent blue
  • The stems of the leaves, the birds skinny legs, and detail on the branch on which he is perched are accented with basket beads
  • These Eastern sewing items were an adaptation.
  • They were *from the beautiful beaded bags, leggings, and other clothing accessories used by the Indians themselves
  • Anglo Victorian women carried their sewing with them in those days.
  • Pin cushions, needle boxes, or sewing boxes covered in beads were an item that the native women could sell.
  • They did so at such places as Niagara Falls and railroad stops
  • The pillow is very high and measures 5″ in depth
  • It is 9 1/2″ long by 8″ wide
  • Native American Beadwork


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