(bw-0031) 1890s Iroquois Beaded Bag



1890s Iroquois Beaded Bag

  • 1890s Iroquois Beaded Bag
  • This early Iroquois bag is made with a flap which fastens in the front with a hook and eye
  • A beautiful floral design extends as a single pattern from the back bottom of the bag over the flap
  • The bag is beaded on a red linen or cotton with a very faded brown lining
  • It is edged in the English fox braid which also makes up the red handle
  • The beads are two sizes of Venetian glass trade beads and translucent basket beads which help date the piece to the 1890s
  • These Venetian glass trade beads were brought into the American colonies by English, French and Dutch fur traders
  • The bead colors are white, an opaque, clear, translucent yellow and green and cranberry red, and a beautiful lavender blue no longer seen today
  • The bag itself, not including the strap is 5″ long x 5″ wide
  • Condition of the beadwork is perfect except for some missing edge beads around the flap of the bag
  • There appears to be twelve beads missing on the outside edge
  • Some of these gorgeous early colors are no longer made today- Native American Beadwork


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