(bw-0032) 1920s Nez Perce Belt Bag



1920s Nez Perce Belt Bag

  • 1920s Nez Perce Belt Bag
  • All Applique Beadwork With The Background, Beak, And One Talon Being Done In Small Glass Seed Beads In Old Rose And Corn Yellow
  • The Eagle and American Flag shield?are slightly larger opalescent, dark blue, purplish blue, and opalescent white beads
  • These beads help to date the piece
  • The bag flap is beaded on what feels to be canvas or heavy cotton?and is lined with an interesting faded red and navy blue plaid wool
  • The back of the pouch is old harness leather, possibly saddle leather
  • Front of the pouch is thick braintanned deer hide
  • The back of the pouch has two large belt loops to be worn on a wide beaded or tacked Indian belt
  • This is a complete pouch and not the faux bag front that is used at powwows today
  • The front of the bag measures 8 3/4″ long x 8″ wide
  • The inside bag measures 6 1/8″ wide x 7″ long and is all hand stitched with cotton thread
  • Beadwork is completely intact and in excellent condition
  • Bag is in excellent condition
  • Native American Beadwork


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