(d-0001) 1800s Arapaho Child’s Doll



This Is A Circa Late 1800s Arapaho Child’s Doll

  • 1800s Arapaho Child’s Doll
  • European composition doll with some composition loss on chin, top of head, 1 thumb, and side of legs
  • Movable glass eyes (eyes open and close)
  • Stroud trade wool dress edged with navy blue blanket wool
  • All heavy cotton cordage sewn
  • 100s of small cowrie shells, can get an idea of age by patina on shells
  • Front and back of dress is identical
  • Some fading and very small amount (one half of a fingernail of moth damage on the back)
  • Doll is 14″ tall
  • Dress yolk is 13″ wide
  • Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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