(d-0009) Hopi Butterfly Maiden Kachina Doll



Hopi Butterfly Maiden Kachina Doll

  • Hopi Butterfly Maiden Kachina Doll
  • This Kachina Doll Is From The Owner’s Private Collection And Was Purchased At Hopi’s 2nd Mesa Village Many Years Ago.
  • It is of cottonwood root and all of the pigments are mixed with a slightly bumpy traditional white bentonite clay.
  • What I really loved about this doll was the tableta and earrings.
  • Tableta is made in the old style where the side appendages are carefully drilled and tied onto the central tableta.
  • The butterfly maiden’s tableta denotes rainclouds, lightning bolts and rain drops.
  • At the top of her forehead is an elaborately painted ear of corn
  • Her elaborate parrot feather and fluff headdress is beautiful both in the front and back of the doll
  • At one time, all seven points of the tableta headdress had small feather fluffs. Only one remains
  • The little earrings are simple square blocks drilled and tied on to the doll
  • They are checker boarded and painted on both sides.
  • These represent the elaborate shell inlaid earrings used by the Pueblos since prehistoric times
  • The genital area of the doll is shown. She has a slight vulva
  • One of the more traditional kachina dolls.
  • She is meant to be hung on the rafters of a Pueblo home.
  • This is opposed to the more sculptural kachina dolls of today which stand on wooden stands.
  • The doll is in perfect condition with no breaks
  • On the bottom of one foot is the kachina carver’s signature FJR
  • The doll is 18″ tall x 8 3/4″ wide
  • Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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