(d-0011) Hopi Mudhead Kachina Doll



Hopi Mudhead Kachina Doll

  • Hopi Mudhead Kachina Doll
  • This Kachina Doll Is Carved And Signed By Poleyestewa And Was Purchased Directly From The Artist In The 1970s.
  • The entire doll is one piece of large cottonwood root.
  • All natural pigment paints are mixed with the Navajo bentonite clay which the Pueblo dancer’s often paint themselves with.
  • This kachina is an old style doll with the arms bent in front of the body.
  • It is simply and very elegantly painted with a beautiful elaborate sash and kilt.
  • Moccasins are painted, symbolizing the ceremonial blue moccasins with overlaid leather decorations still seen on Pueblo dance moccasins today.
  • Mudhead figure is identified by the carver on one foot as the Sweet Tasting Mudhead
  • This kachina spirit accompanies the ogre spirits in one of their important ceremonies.
  • This is by saving bad children being disciplined by aunts and uncles from being whipped and eaten by the ogres.
  • This benevolent mudhead buys the children back for their parents by trading sweet corncakes to the ogres for the children
  • Doll is in perfect condition.
  • Green ruff on the bottom of the head symbolizes an evergreen ruff used by the dancers and ceremonies.
  • Doll is adorned with beautiful red, green and blue parrot feathers.
  • The doll stands 14 3/8″ to the top of the green feather.
  • He is 4 14″ wide.
  • Meant to be hung by the cotton thread around the green wooden ruff below his head.
  • However, he does stand on his feet.
  • Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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