(d-0013) Old Mandan Beaded Buckskin Doll



Old Mandan Beaded Buckskin Doll

  • Old Mandan Beaded Buckskin Doll
  • Circa 1900 – 1930s Mandan Buckskin Doll With A Wonderful Porcupine Quilled War Shirt
  • The doll and its body are all smoked braintanned buckskin stuffed with hair
  • Shirt has tiny quilled strips showing bear paws and beaded front and back shirt flaps
  • Leggings and breech clout are both old woolen trade blanket fragments
  • The leggings are secured with brass shoe buttons and braintanned buckskin ties
  • The doll holds a buffalo hide bag over his right shoulder
  • Horsehair braids are wrapped in red and black wool strips
  • His facial features are beaded in old glass trade beads
  • His earrings are bodmer blue glass beads and tiny elk ivories
  • In his left hand, he holds a pipe with a catlinite?pipe head and an ornate carved wooden stem
  • His moccasins are two-piece, fully beaded braintanned buckskin
  • He stands 12″ tall and is 7 5/8″ at his widest point
  • There are a few stitches missing on his quilled strips and the shirt is rather stiff, probably from a child’s play
  • The pipe appears to be a later edition to the piece
  • Condition is extremely good
  • The doll shows patina from use
  • Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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