(d-0015) 1930s Navajo Woman Doll & Child Doll



1930s Navajo Woman Doll & Child Doll

  • 1930s Navajo Woman Doll & Child Doll
  • This mother and child were made of matching materials by the same doll maker and are extremely well made.
  • They have hair made of single pieces of heavy black thread tied into the Navajo chong hairstyle.
  • Face features are penned on.
  • Velveteen blouses top cotton skirts with layers trimmed in contrasting colors on the two dolls.
  • Wrapped muslin leggings with tiny bead conchos top red moccasins made of cloth.
  • One of their best features are the fingers carefully stitched into the hands.
  • Concho belts and blouse pin jewelry are made of tin and glass beads.
  • Each wears a beaded jackal necklace and bead earrings.
  • The mother doll stands 11 1/4″ high.
  • The little girl is 5″ tall.
  • Native American Dolls and Kachinas


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