(d-0016) White Bear Kachina Doll



White Bear Kachina Doll

  • White Bear Kachina Doll
  • Cottonwood root carving adorned with leather, shells, fur, fluffs, and feathers.
  • The bear spirit holds a white rattle with a bear paw print in one hand.
  • The other hand holds a feather draped bow.
  • He wears wrist guard, or ketoh to protect him from the bow string.
  • He has shell encrusted leather arm bands and crossed bandoliers.
  • His kilt, with sun face apron, rear fox tail and side yarn sash are all painted wood.
  • His moccasins and anklets are also carved wood.
  • He is signed on the bottom, Gerod Thomas, White Bear.
  • He stands 13″ tall x 4 3/4″ wide.
  • Native American Dolls and Kachinas


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