(d-0018) Hopi Cradleboard & Kachina Doll



Hopi Cradleboard & Kachina Doll

  • Hopi Cradleboard & Kachina Doll
  • A Willow And Grass Cradleboard Is Dyed With Natural Pigments In Gray, Black, White And Orange/Red
  • The attached tag reads “Cradle by Alli (not sure of last name spelling) Selestewa”
  • A Philpert Honanie cradleboard doll of cottonwood root is laced into the cradle board with cotton string
  • This doll has the coiled hopi hairdo of a maiden in yarn and a nose or beak of twisted cornhusk
  • It is in excellent condition
  • The cradleboard is 11″ long x 4 3/4″ wide
  • The doll is 7″ long
  • Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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