(d-0026) Beaded Zuni Woman Doll



This Peyote Stitched Doll Shows An Elaborate Depiction Of A Traditional Zuni Woman’s Dress
– The hair is tied in a red “yarn” wrapped chong hairdo
– She wears a back cape for warmth
– She has a long sleeved red blouse fastened at the neck with a beaded “turquoise and silver pin” fastening the neck
– The blouse is topped by the traditional over-the-shoulder manta dress with beadwork showing the traditional green and red designs through out the dress
– On her left side are more turquoise and silver beaded pins
– She wears a detailed beaded yarn sash and a sweet green flowered apron over her dress
– She is shown in white buckskin leggings and Pueblo style boots
– Her flesh colored hands have fingers
– There is no maker signature
– She stands 7″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide x
– Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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