(d-0031) Zuni Chakwaina Kachina Doll



A Very Nice Zuni Kachina Doll Made Of Cotton Wood Root From The 1960s
– The Chakwaina Kachina spirit appears at the Pamuva ceremony at 1st Mesa Hopi Village but is a Zuni Kachina
– He holds a rattle in the right hand and a bow in the left hand with a bow guard on his wrist
– A criss-crossed bandolier of leather on his chest is decorated both front and back with shells
– He wears a painted concho belt, a dance kilt with an intricate painted side sash
– He has a carved fox skin hanging from the back of his dance kilt
– He has yarn leg bands and his right wrist is wrapped with yarn
– He has multiple parrot feather fluffs at the top of his head
– He stands 11 3/8″ tall x 7″ wide
– Native American Dolls & Kachinas


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