(jna-0003) 1920s Zuni Bracelet With Stone-On-Stone Elements



This 1920s Zuni Bracelet With Stone-On-Stone Elements Is A Very Unusual Early Rosette Bracelet. It Belonged To The Wife Of A Well Known Indian Trader In The Four Corners Area.

  • It is a 1920s Zuni Bracelet With Stone-On-Stone Elements.
  • The side bars that form a fan of lovely stone on stone inlay are an excellent example of this early work.
  • The bezels are all sawed by hand.
  • The shank of the bracelet is made up of the older hand pounded triangular silver caronated wire.
  • The two inside shanks are made up of heavy twisted flattened wire.
  • Around the outer edge of the two inlaid fan-shaped elements, is a border of twisted silver wire pounded flat.
  • The stones used in the inlay are mother of pearl, red abalone shell, jet and turquoise.
  • Wire work scrolls ending in liquid silver drops complete the sidebar designs.
  • The large rosette is made up of carefully spaced circular cut turquoise stones on the outer circle. Each is separated by a small liquid silver drop.
  • Twisted silver wire separates each row.
  • Carefully hand-cut tear-dropped shaped turquoise form the second row.
  • The center and its surrounding row are small round cut stones.
  • The bracelet is heavy and is currently shaped to fit a size 7 1/2 wrist leaving a 1 1/4″ gap. The piece could be opened or closed somewhat.
  • The center rosette measures 1 1/2″ in diameter.
  • The two side elements measure 1 5/8″ long x 5/8″ wide.


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