(jna-0006) 1930s Navajo Bracelet, Blue Diamond Turquoise



This 1930s Navajo Bracelet Blue Diamond Turquoise Is Unusual. It’s Stone Is Very Beautiful And Moody With Swirling Brown Matrix.

  • 1930s Navajo Bracelet Blue Diamond Turquoise
  • The bracelet is set in a scalloped hand-cut bezel. It is surrounded by a twisted silver wire band. The band is rimmed with a large silver wire that is hand chiseled, top and bottom. Furthermore, it is set in the sides with three liquid silver drops that have been stamped.
  • The sturdy but minimal framing sets off the stormy stone.
  • The shank of the bracelet is made up of five heavy silver wires with two bars of the same gauge. Here is centered the same twisted silver wire used to edge the huge piece of turquoise.
  • The bracelet is a size 8 and can be easily opened or closed.
  • The center rosette is 2 5/8″ x 1 3/4″.
  • Native American Jewelry


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