(jna-0009) Zuni Pinshell Heishi Fetish Necklace



Zuni Pinshell Heishi Fetish Necklace

  • Two Strand Zuni Pinshell Heishi Fetish Necklace
  • This necklace is made by Lavina Tsikewa, granddaughter of famed fetish makers Teddy Weakee and Anna Lefthand Weakee.
  • Lavina was born in 1938 and learned her craft from her well know family.
  • The heishi is of a dark shell with gold overtones and the birds are made of the same material.
  • Long 3″ sterling silver tubes go around the top of the neck.
  • This reduces stress on the fine string used for such tiny heishi shell.
  • Handmade silver hooks and clasps make up the findings.
  • This very delicate bird fetish necklace hangs 14″ long.


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