(jt-0001) Walrus Ivory Key Pendant & Turquoise Rounds Necklace



Walrus Ivory Key Pendant & Turquoise Rounds Necklace

  • Walrus Ivory Key Pendant & Turquoise Rounds Necklace
  • This Remarkable Necklace Is Made Up Of A Pendant Showcasing Two Very Ancient Fossilized Walrus Ivory Eskimo Artifacts.
  • They Hang From A Silver Framed Piece Of Fossilized Walrus Ivory
  • In the center of this pendant are three squares of Arizona turquoise set in a straight silver bezel
  • The bale is soldered through a loop at the top of the pendant giving the piece a lot of free movement.
  • The two bottom artifacts are also soldered through the bottom loops of the pendant and can also swing and move
  • The beads making up the necklace are very interesting.
  • Large barrel shaped beads of boulder turquoise, mostly green in color, show a lot of brown matrix
  • There are smaller slab beads of the same turquoise and four heirloom sterling silver hollow beads
  • Separating the large turquoise barrel beads are six fossilized walrus ivory teeth with great patina
  • The pendant is a long 5″ x 1 1/4″ and is maker marked on the back
  • The necklace including the pendant is 14 1/4″ long
  • It is strung on heavy jeweler’s wire with sterling clasps
  • Native American Jewelry


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