(jt-0004) 1840s Milagro Pendant Necklace


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1840s Milagro Pendant Necklace

  • 1840s Milagro Pendant Necklace
  • A Very Heavy, Early 4 3/4″ Long Milagro Pendant Showing A Woman On Her Knees Praying With A Rosary Attached To Her Belt
  • It appears she is also wearing a nuns headdress
  • A wonderful example of a good silversmith’s work using the simplest of tools
  • She is well executed and serene
  • The heavy piece of sterling silver is repoussed into its 3-dimensional shape
  • Heavy hammer marks are visible on the backside
  • The well executed figure is delineated using the complicated chisel work and nail set marks
  • The original strand of heirloom hollow sterling silver beads in graduated sizes has been elongated.
  • This is with small natural turquoise round beads.
  • It separates the upper half of the silver beads on the necklace to give a very long strand
  • The strand has been restrung on heavy jeweler’s wire for stability
  • The bead strand hangs 14″ long
  • With the pendant it hangs 18 3/4″ long
  • Native American Jewelry


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