(jt-0014) Sterling Butterfly Earrings & Turquoise Stones



Large Sterling Butterfly Earrings & Turquoise Stones With Black Matrix Made By A Good Silversmith.

  • Sterling Butterfly Earrings & Turquoise Stones.
  • The turquoise stones are set in very well made saw tooth bezels.
  • This is with liquid silver drops filling the inside shadow boxed area of the wings.
  • Two lengths
  • A piece of twisted silver wire rings the inside of each box.
  • This is with the rim being stamped with a single design.
  • Two stamped half conchos form the center body of the butterfly.
  • The back of the earrings is marked only STERLING.
  • The earrings measure 1 5/8 inches long x 1 3/4 inches wide.
  • Tribal Jewelry


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