(jt-0031) Tibetan Bangle With Red Coral, Turquoise & Silver Dragons



A Traditional Tibetan Woman’s Bracelet. These Large Bangles Are Worn Usually Two Or Three At A Time On One Arm. While They Look Large To Us, Tiny Tibetan Women Lock Them Into Place By Wearing A Smaller Sized Bangle In The Very Front. The Pieces With The Interior Made Of Sheet Amber Are The Older Pieces And Are Seventy Five To Eighty Five Years Old. The Newer Tibetan Bangles, While Appearing Similar, Are Made Around A Wooden Base.
– This beautiful bangle has two large dragons studded with four pieces of color-enhanced color and two large ovals of natural spider-webbed turquoise
– The silver is old coin silver
– The dragon on this piece has a very nice worn patina
– The sheet amber is dark yellow in color
– It is a wide, heavy bracelet measuring 1 1/4″ wide
– The opening diameter of the piece is 2 5/8″ wide
– As can be seen in the picture, the silver work and stones are layered out from the amber and protrude as far as 1″
– The exterior diameter of the bracelet is 4 1/4″
– Tribal Jewelry


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