(pna-0001) Vintage Pottery Mohave Male Doll



Vintage Pottery Mohave Male Doll

  • Vintage Pottery Mohave Male Doll
  • From Gila River Area, Arizona, Southwest
  • Body and face paint represents elaborate tattoos and paint worn by this tribe
  • Mohaves were a warlike tribe along the Arizona, Gila River who confronted early Mormon settlers
  • Horsehair wig slathered with rawhide glue
  • Reddish clay pottery painted with charcoal mineral paint
  • 1740s – 1850s trade beads
  • Wool breechclout
  • Left arm of doll, about elbow height, has been broken and re-glued
  • 6 1/2″ tall
  • The Mojave were the most northern of the Yuman tribes.
  • Their land stretched from Black Canyon to the Picacho Mountains below today‚Äôs Parker Dam, straddling the Colorado River.
  • Native American Pottery


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