(pna-0004) Geometric Designs Santo Domingo Pueblo Bowl



Geometric Designs Santo Domingo Pueblo Bowl

  • Geometric Designs Santo Domingo Pueblo Bowl.
  • A Typical Santo Domingo Food Bowl Known As A Chili Bowl.
  • This one has a very clean geometric design in black and the unpolished red/brown slip and white.
  • The interior of the bowl and the bottom are unpolished.
  • There is a heavy black line painted on the rim with a spirit break.
  • The geometric design is straight and tight, evidence of a good painter.
  • The back of the bowl is sign with the potter’s name, “Vicky T. Calabaza”.
  • Shows the initials “S.P.D. Santo Domingo Pueblo” and her maker mark of a triangle made up of six dots.
  • The bowl is sturdy, for food use and nicely symmetrical
  • It is 2 3/4″ high x 8 1/8″ in diameter.
  • Native American Pueblo Pottery


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