(pna-0010) Santo Domingo Pueblo Chili Bowl



Santo Domingo Pueblo Chili Bowl

  • This typical Santo Domingo Pueblo chili bowl is of the size commonly used in the Pueblo on their feast days.
  • It is a nice heavy utilitarian bowl with a typical Santo Domingo design.
  • The top rim is painted black with a spirit break line.
  • An evenly placed black and white repetitive design covers the top half of the bowl.
  • It also has a spirit break in the bottom framing line.
  • The entire exterior is heavily polished.
  • Scratched into the bottom side of the bowl is what appears to be use graffiti rather than a maker’s signature.
  • It reads AMTL SDP (Santo Domingo Pueblo).
  • Bowls were often marked by their owner’s like Anglos using nail polish to mark Tupperware when taken to gatherings.
  • The bowl is in good condition
  • Measures 8 1/4″ in diameter x 3 1/4″ high.
  • Native American Pueblo Pottery


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