(pna-0013) Old Maricopa Effigy Pot



Old Maricopa Effigy Pot

  • Old Maricopa Effigy Pot
  • 3 Spouted handled canteen with face adorned with early trade beads.
  • This pot has nice fire clouds attesting to it being pit-fired rather than sun-dried.
  • This is how some of the later Maricopa tourist pots were made.
  • Earrings and a necklace are made of 1740s – 1880s Venetian glass trade beads in white and Bodmer blue.
  • Pot shows signs of under firing with painted design.
  • Painted design represents body paint and elaborate tattooing of these Gila River Indians from Arizona.
  • Handle has a firing crack, otherwise condition is very good.
  • 6 1/2″ in diameter x 9 1/8″ tall.
  • Spouts are clean, does not appear to have been used but shows placement wear on the bottom.
  • Has nice crackling to exterior of a lot of the pot.
  • Native American Pottery


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