(pna-0014) Hopi Ellamae Talashie Pot



Hopi Ellamae Talashie Pot

  • This is a gorgeous Hopi Ellamae Talashie pot.
  • It Is A Very Well Executed Hopi Bowl From Walpi, Pueblo.
  • The painting is small and tight.
  • Some of the painted areas are lightly dappled to give the appearance of a third color being used.
  • The bowl is a very pleasing tangerine color ranging from light to dark.
  • The bottom of the bowl shows wear and is clearly marked Ellamae Tallashie, Walpi Village.
  • The bowl is very symmetrical in both shape and rim.
  • The pot is 4″ tall x 9″ in diameter and has no chips or cracks.
  • Native American Pottery


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