(pna-0033) 1940s Acoma Decorated Rim Bowl



1940s Acoma Decorated Rim Bowl

  • 1940s Acoma Decorated Rim Bowl
  • A large, older, Acoma polychrome bowl with a bread applied coil rim.
  • It is incised with circles and ovals painted on their interiors with the red ocher paint
  • The bowl is white, dark brown and ocher red/brown
  • A nicely balanced design covers the pot atop a thin black line
  • The bottom of the pot shows wear and is slightly concave
  • It is unsigned as can be expected of a pot of this age
  • The interior of the pot is in good condition.
  • It does show an old price tag tape mark and one greenish ink stain on the inside side shoulder
  • The exterior of this beautifully painted pot shows some honest rubbing from use/wear
  • There are no cracks of chips so the condition is quite good
  • The pot measures 10 1/2″ wide x 5″ tall
  • Native American Pottery


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