(pna-0034) Tularosa Black, White Pitcher



Tularosa Black, White Pitcher

  • Tularosa Black, White Pitcher
  • Circa 1175 – 1300 A.D. Anasazi Pitcher With A Twisted Handle.
  • The ornate geometric design is typical of this late pottery.
  • It is considered the height of this Culture’s pottery decoration.
  • The condition of the pottery piece is broken and re-glued with about 10% restoration.
  • There has been no restoration to the handle or paint enhancement to the original design.
  • The piece measures 7 1/4″ wide x 7 1/4″ high.
  • Paperwork ascertaining legal collection accompanies the sale of the pot.
  • The Anasazi were the prehistoric culture thriving in the upper Southwest area between 200 BC to the late 1300s AD.
  • Therefore, the culture dissipated into the smaller bands that make up the Puebloan Nations.
  • However, This does not include the Navajo or Apache.
  • Native American Pueblo Pottery


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