(qw-0001) 1890s Blackfoot Pictorial Wearing Robe



1890s Blackfoot Pictorial Wearing Robe

  • This 1890s Blackfoot Pictorial Wearing Robe Is The Art Style Used In Ledger Drawings.
  • Very large Hereford bull hide hair-on tanned robe worn over a man’s shoulders or waist.
  • During reservation period, the Indians were not allowed to hunt off of the reservations.
  • They were issued cattle for food rations; buffalo were not available.
  • Authentication of this piece is attributed to Robert Nelson of the Manitou Gallery and Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • Robe was whole but in fragile condition, particularly the upper right corner, necessitating mounting behind plexiglass.
  • 4 warrior figures on top, including 2 wearing the peculiar Blackfoot sty.le of straight upright eagle feather war bonnets..
  • This helps to identify this piece’s tribal origins
  • Second row shows 3 mounted warriors and 2 running horses with their tails clubbed for war.
  • Pigment paint and what appears to be turkey quill ink outlines on the figures.
  • Bottom half of robe has continuous lines of a single porcupine quilled stitching.
  • This is done with large porcupine quills and 10 German town yarn pompoms.
  • Quillwork is natural white and dyed red.
  • Robe’s condition was poor but has been stabilized and the entire robe is now visible.
  • The piece, in its frame, weighs 75 lbs and special arrangements will have to be made for transport.
  • 6 feet long by 6 feet wide
  • Native American Quill Work


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