(qw-0009) Catlanite Pipe, Porcupine Quilled Horse Tamper



Beautiful Old Carved Lakota Catlanite Pipe, Porcupine Quilled Horse Tamper That’s Been Well Used With The Most Beautiful Patina

  • Catlanite Pipe, Porcupine Quilled Horse Tamper
  • It is a small man’s traveling pipe as evidenced by the pictorial designs of horse hoofs on the stem
  • The underside of the pipestone bowl is scalloped into three sections.
  • They have a star pattern, half moon pattern and a circular pattern likely representing the moon or the sun.
  • This little bowl has finger indentations on both sides of it that are well worn and make you want to keep rubbing it
  • The pipe stem shows use and has a lot of patina.
  • One can see the marks left by a knife and on the shallow indentations.
  • This is close to the mouthpiece is a yellow design with three red horse hoofs on both sides
  • The background of the stem is all painted blue and is well worn
  • Towards the bowl-end of the stem, it has been carved into four flat areas.
  • This has been painted red with two horseshoes on each of the four sides painted green

  • The pipe stem is a traveling size measuring 12″ long
  • The beautiful catlanite bowl is 2 1/4″ long x 1 3/8″ high x 3/4″ wide
  • The pipe set came together with a beautiful buffalo hoof wooden tamper. It has a good patina on it
  • There is a 2 7/8″ recessed area that has immaculate tiny wrapped quill work in purple, blue, red and orange
  • These are tiny quills that have been plaited together. Please see the attached images for details of this intricate work
  • The decorative end of the pipe tamper has a carefully cloven buffalo hoof and carved dew claws
  • The set was acquired together and we will keep it so, not selling the pieces together
  • The tamper is 12 3/4″ long
  • The collection data gives the collection area as South Dakota
  • Traditional Native American Items1
  • Native American Quill Work


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