(qw-0011) Porcupine Quilled Tipi Pillow



This Is An Old Porcupine Quilled Tipi Pillow Made Of Heavy Braintanned Buckskin That Is Lightly Smoked.

  • Porcupine Quilled Tipi Pillow
  • The entire surface of the pillow is porcupine quilled in a flat straight stitch.
  • The central design element are two American flags with an eagle or thunderbird in the center.
  • This motif is surrounded by four continuous lines, both top and bottom, in natural white red and purple dyed quills.
  • The pillow is all thread sewn and stuffed with buffalo hair.
  • One can see a few hairs protruding from the seams.
  • Condition is very good.
  • One quill being partially damaged and two quills were loose and have been glued back in place
  • The size of the pillow is 19 14″ long x 13″ wide
  • The back side of this pillow is undecorated.
  • It could be turned over to the undecorated side when used for sleeping.
  • The decorated side was for show on a backrest or tipi buffalo robes
  • This is a highly unusual piece and the first time we have acquired such in 25 years
  • Native American Quill Work


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