(tna-0016) Navajo Headstall



A Nice Navajo Headstall With A Silver Inlaid Bit And The Original Rawhide Reigns From Navajo Country.

  • Navajo Headstall
  • These are rather rare and hard to find
  • This piece has obviously had a lot of use and has been passed down through one family and is well used
  • Bit is an iron hand forged, 1920s bit with silver inlay on the side bars and conchos
  • The chains are hand forged of the same period
  • Reins are in good condition and are soft, well used, rawhide reins
  • All of the silver headstall pieces are 1950s to 1960s sheet sterling silver and have been deeply stamped and chiseled
  • The backs of all these old silver headstall pieces have copper bars and loops with which to string them onto the headstall
  • Braintanned buckskin is also used
  • There is overlay work and repousse on the forehead bar
  • The forehead bar and two large cheek conchos have an overlaid, chiseled center
  • A medicine bag of painted rawhide hangs from the bit
  • It is sinew sewn and hangs on braintanned deer hide thongs
  • Has a large late 1800s brass spot in the center of the design
  • The headstall pieces are strung on heavy harness leather with a 1920s roller buckle
  • From the top of the headstall to the bottom of the medicine bag, not including the length of the reigns, the piece hangs 3′ long
  • At the bit, the piece is 6″ wide
  • The piece has a great patina
  • Western Collectibles
  • Traditional Native American Items


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