(tna-0022) 1950s Hopi Sun Tableta



1950s Hopi Sun Tableta

  • 1950s Hopi Sun Tableta
  • Pueblo Dance Tabletas Are Very Difficult To Find.
  • This Is Because Usually They Are Not Sold Or Produced Commercially.
  • This tableta from Hopi Pueblo is cut from a single board.
  • It has a strap of twisted native cotton.
  • Additional holes are drilled around the opening where ties once threaded through.
  • The dance is used to invoke rain.
  • Carved eagle feathers that were originally topped with bird plumes are painted with cloud designs.
  • The paint appears to be acrylic.
  • Stepped clouds are cut into the headdress on either side.
  • The central top design shows raindrops.
  • Below the sunfaces eyes, is a large design of clouds thunder and rain.
  • They are in varying colors that we think represents the sacred plants.
  • Towards the bottom are two ears of corn, one blue and one red.
  • This piece came out of an old pottery collection.
  • It measures 20 1/2″ tall x 15 1/2″ wide.
  • Traditional Native American Items


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