(tna-0026) Athabaskan Caribou Hide Bag Circa 1900



Athabaskan Caribou Hide Bag Circa 1900. This Interesting Old Bag Is From Canada’s Yukon

  • Athabaskan Caribou Hide Bag Circa 1900
  • The body is caribou hide with an ornate 2 1/2″ top.
  • This is made of yellow, red and green felt and sheered caribou hide patchwork.
  • The very top rim through which a brain tanned leather draw string runs is a heavy canvas
  • A 3″ fringe hangs on braintanned buckskin thongs at the bottom.
  • These contain five beads each. powder blue opaque faceted Russian Cobalt trade beads and small white Venetian glass beads.
  • These beads date to the 1800s
  • The bag, with the fringe, measures 9 1/4″ long and 4 1/2″ wide
  • The hair on the body of the bag is not coming out.
  •   However, there are three balled small spots that can be viewed on the accompanying photos


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