(txna-0012) 1940s Large JB Moore Navajo Crystal Rug



1940s Large JB Moore Navajo Crystal Rug

  • 1940s Large JB Moore Navajo Crystal Rug
  • This Wonderful Handspun Native Wool Rug Has It All
  • It has wonderful spirit lines on two sides of the edge, lots of lazy lines and three colors of natural wool.
  • These are mixed with the beloved red analine dye that has worn down into varying shades.
  • This rug has been well cared for.
  • There is very little bleeding except at the long hand spun beige tassels.
  • There is minor bleeding in one spot to the beige background.
  • The rug is very symmetrical and clean.
  • One side has slight fading though both sides are quite good.
  • There are no holes but there are a few native warp repairs.
  • Part of the long side cord has been repaired in the past as can be seen in accompanying images
  • The design shows trader J.B. Moore’s influence from Crystal Trading Post.
  • This is in New Mexico’s Chuska Mountains on designs with Navajo weavers.
  • The rug is 6’3″ x 4’2″


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